Can.Ch.Folklaur Magic Brew At Araby CGC

Born: December 6, 2003 ~ April 20, 2008
Hips: OFA LR-162524G30M-PI Good
Elbows: OFA LR-EL32264M30-PI
Heart: OFA LR-CA1573/15M/C-PI-ECHO Normal

Eyes: CERF LR-39239/2006-30 Optigen B1-Carrier/Unaffected
Color: (Byc) Black carrying Chocolate and Yellow (BbEe)
Proven Sire ~ Passed From Lymphoma
Breeder/Co-owner: Laura Dedering (Folklaur)
Co-owners: Barbara and Fred Roosevelt (Araby)

Ch. Stonecrest Davy Crockett
OFA Hips LR-124185G24M-PI Good
OFA Elbows LR-EL16067M24-PI Normal
CERF LR-32247/2006-69   Optigen B1
Ch. Stonecrest's Lucky Star
OFA Hips LR-114573G25M Good
OFA Elbows LR-EL13090M25 Normal
CERF LR-27360/2004-66
Beechcroft's Magic Man Muddy (Cy)
OFA Hips Exc 24, Elbows Normal 24 CERF 51
Ch. Lindall A'Bit of the Action
(Byc) OFA Hips Good 52, CERF 105, Opt.B1
Jahalom Sjachor Cascade II
(Bc) OFA Hips Exc 24, CERF 47
Stonecrest's Polaris
(B) OFA Hips Good 32, Elbows Normal 32
Ch. Colton's Ransom of Red Chief
(BB) OFA Exc 28, EL Norm, CERF 145 Optigen A
Stonecrest Star of India
(B) OFA Hips Good 26, EL Normal 26
Chablais Madelyn of Stonecrest
(C)  (7pts. 1mjr)
OFA Hips LR-93596G24F-T Good
Elbows LR-13017F51-PI
CERF LR-32248/2002-62
Am.Can.Ch. Byrnebank Clearly Great JH
(C) OFA Hips Good 25, CERF 55
Rocheby Sailing By
(Bc) BVA/KC Hips 5:5
Lindall Hannah Brown
(C) BVA/KC Hips 8:6
Chablais Meringue
(C) OFA Hips Good 58, ACVO 1997
Ch. Hilltop Countryside Barn Burner
(C) OFA Hips Good 24, CERF 69
Can.Ch. Shakespeare Mislyn DeChablais
(C) OFA Hips Exc 26, CERF 11
Can.Ch.Folklaur Magic Mirror CGC TDI
OFA Hips LR-111942G24F-PI Good
CERF LR-24347/2003-49   Optigen A1
Am.Can.Ch.Oswicks New Moon CGC
OFA Hips LR-59488E26M Excellent
OFA Elbows LR-EL6432M69 Normal
CERF LR-12047/2000-93
Daybreak Spicy Ryder (Byc)
(15pts 1mjr) X-rayed Hips Good 84, ACVO 54
Triple L's Daybreak Decoy (By)
Forecast Harpur (B)
Oswicks Golden Sunset
(Y) OFA Hips Good 29, CERF 84
Ch. Dickendall Ruffy SH
(By) OFA Hips Excellent 26, CERF 156
Oswicks Daybreak Carrousel CD
(Y)  (15pts 1mjr)
Folklaur Miss Marigold CGC TDI
OFA Hips LR-70805G24F-T Good
CERF LR-11292/2003-105
Can.Ch. Rocky Creek's Beacon
(Yc)  (10 AKC pts)
OFA Hips Excellent 24, CERF 120
Ch. Coalcreek's Gimme A Break
(Y) OFA Hips Fair 27, ACVO 83
Ch. Rocky Creek's Ruff 'n Ready
(Byc) OFA Hips Good 28, CERF 139
Folklaur Flora CGC TDI
(By)  (12pts 1mjr)
OFA Hips Good 27, Elbows Normal 84
CERF 138 Optigen A1
Folklaur Tycho
(Y) OFA Hips Excellent 24, CERF 128
Ch. Folklaur Aurora CD CGC TDI
(BB) OFA Hips Good 24, CERF 172

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