Tuxedo and Bria Pups
Date of Birth: November 29, 2000
4 Black Females and 3 Black Males
Breeders:  Laura Dedering - Folklaur
and Jody Springer - Cygnet Labradors

Sire: BISS Ch. Beechcrofts Formal Attire
Dam:  Folklaur Briar Rose CGC TDI

"Red Girl"
Can. Ch. Folklaur Fair Rosalind
November 29, 2000 ~ August 15, 2015

September 2004
meeting her new family
David, Kayla and Amy

March 2007

7 1/2 years old      "Lindie"          9 1/2 years old

Kayla and Lindie           Nov. and Dec. 2012           Lindie and Kayla

            2013 at 13 years                               
Kayla and Lindie Dec. 2013

2014 - Happy 14th Birthday!

"Yellow Boy"
11 Months                                                  2 Years                                                      3 Years         
Folklaur Cygnet Oberon
11/29/2000 ~ 07/03/2015

41/2 years

Jan. 2014 - 13 Years Old
Mourning His Friend Who Passed

"Blue Girl"

at 5 years old                        
"Sophie"                 at 9 1/2 years old
Folklaur Aliena
11/29/2000 ~ 08/21/2016

                 2013 with cat pal Trixie                             2014 - Happy 14th Birthday!
August 21, 2016 - Linda King wrote "... Hub, Liz and I were all there to say goodbye.
It was very sad but Sophie had a good life. She still took walks until two weeks ago
and she went on a short vacation in northern PA with us in early August where she was able to swim in the pond."

August 2016 - Sophie on vacation just before she passed.

"Orange Girl"
at 8 months old                    "Lucy Mae"                at 8 months old
Folklaur Lucetta Rose
11/29/2000 ~ 08/31/2008

"Pink Boy"

At 7 1/2 years old                     "Parker"                          At 9 years old

At 10 Years Old
At 10 Years Old                                              At 11
Years Old

Folklaur Puck
11/29/2000 ~ 12/06/2012

"Laura, It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that we had to say goodbye to Parker yesterday. He was the best dog anyone could ever have wished for and we are deeply saddened. We had 12 wonderful years with him. Everyone would always tell us what a special dog he was, he made an impression on so many. I don't know how we are going to get through the days without him. From that pudgy little puppy on your 2001 holiday card to the beautiful mature dog he became, everyday was a joy. He will be missed." Ann and Phil Carr

"Green Boy"

"MacDuff" at 2 years old
Folklaur MacDuff

"Purple Boy"
Folklaur Squire Dogberry

"White Girl"
at 7 months          "Paige"          at 7 months
Folklaur Anne Paige
November 29, 2000 ~ September 29, 2012
"Laura, It is with Great sadness that we lost our beloved Paige last week. She was from Bria and was almost 12.
She was the best companion anyone can ask for with a great temperament. Our family is missing her badly....
Your breeding gave us a wonderful pet who lived a long and happy life. Thanks"

TxbriaBirthDay.JPG (110247 bytes)    txbrianursing.JPG (94148 bytes)
Birth Day                                                        Day 2
txbriapupinarm.JPG (75907 bytes)       txbriapupinarmCloseup.JPG (65202 bytes)
With Red Girl Day 2
txbrianursingCloseup.JPG (99379 bytes)
1 week old
Txbrianursing1.JPG (88637 bytes)       Txbrianursing2.JPG (74029 bytes)
3 weeks old                                                                     4 weeks old

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