Chase x Desi Litter #1 Pups
1 Black Female, 2 Black Males and 1 Yellow Male
Born: February 21, 2014

Grand Ch. Ancroft's Gentlemen Player       x       Dam:  Can. Ch. Folklaur Secret Desire                             

Red Girl

Folklaur Nautical Desire
1st Day in Daddy's arms                 With Grandpa Clifford                            Tired Baby          
Meeting "Aunt Sailor" and "Aunt Scupper"           In mommy's arms                                                                                 
Folklaur Marina The Sailor  and  Folklaur Sailing Sailing                                                                                                   
           May 3014                                                       July 4, 2014                                                  Christmas 2014
Folklaur Marina The Sailor "Sailor" and  Folklaur Nautical Desire "Hinckley" and  Folklaur Sailing Sailing "Scupper"
        "Sailor" , "Hinckley", "Scupper"                             Pink Collar is Hinckley, Red is Scupper, Green is Sailor
May 2015 - Waiting behind the screen door                                          May 2015                                   

Christmas 2015

See 2016 Hinckley Birthday Pool Party!

Green Boy

Folklaur Gentlemans Desire
April 26, 2014 - Gunner's first day with his new uncle "Beau" -
Folklaur Gentlemans Desire         June 2014 - Beau & Gunner                 

"Beau" and "Gunner" January 2016                      Feb 2016 Happy Birthday Both Boys!              

Yellow Boy

Folklaur Dangerous Desires
                        1st Day                                                                               Fall 2014

December 2014

Sept. 2015                                                                                       Nov. 2015

December 2015

January 2016

Feb. 2016 - Happy 2nd Birthday

Blue Boy
Folklaur Our Rocky Mountain Desire

Table Pictures by S. Mattheis

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