Grand Am. Can. Ch. Folklaur Song And Dance Man JH WC
BISS Ch. Boradors By George CGC x Am.Can.Ch. Oswicks Folklaur Storyteller

Born: January 24, 2006
Color: Black carries Yellow (BBEe)
Hips: OFA
Elbows: OFA LR-EL38643M25-VPI

Eyes: CERF LR-48041/2011-67
Optigen B1, LR-PRA295/13M-PI-CAR
Heart: OFA LR-CA2439/12M/C-PI-ECHO
EIC: Carrier
See Dylan's OFA Clearances Page

Canadian (CKC) Championship Certificate
Proven Sire: See Dylan Puppies

Breeder/Co-Owner: Laura Dedering (Folklaur)
At Stud with Owner: Jackie DeAngelo (Top Gun)  (c) 516-375-2906



October 12, 2013 - Dylan completed his AKC JH title - Junior Hunter!!


July 13, 2013 - Dylan Completed his AKC Grand Championship !!!


October 1, 2011 - Suffolk County KC - Best of Breed and a Group 4!!!


July 16, 2011 - Riverhead KC - Select Dog under breeder judge Lori Bentine (Tremont).


July 15, 2011 - Riverhead KC - Select Dog under breeder judge Michael Wiest (Beechcroft).


July 17, 2010 - Riverhead KC - Select Dog under breeder judge Cheryl Curtis (Erinhill).

BISS Ch. Boradors By George CGC
OFA Hips LR-116497G26M-PI
OFA Elbows LR-EL13625M26-PI
OFA Heart LR-CA516/31M/C-PI
OFA Eyes LR-PRA55/61M- PI
Optigen A1 Normal/Clear
CERF LR-33658/2007-106
Ch. Lenches Gallivant
OFA Hips LR-96140G24MTGood
Elbows LR-EL8319M24-T Normal
CERF LR-30013/2001-51
Eng Ch. Sandyland's Gadabout
(Y) BVA/KC Hips
Eng Ch. Sandylands My Guy
(By) BVA/KC Hips
7:7, Eyes: 03/1996
Eng Sh Ch. Sandylands Bliss
(Y) BVA/KC Hips
Lenches Tip Top
(Y) BVA/KC Hips
3:5, Eyes 11/1995
Tibblestone the Chorister
Lenches Personality
BVA/KC Hips 5:5, Eyes: 10/1993
Ch. Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream
OFA Hips LR90559G24FT Good
OFA Elbows LR-EL7058 F24-T Normal
CERF LR-22219/1999-40
Ch. Hunt Club Hennings Mill Gino
OFA Hips LR-57598G25M Good
OFA Elbows
LR- EL1522 Normal
CERF LR-18196/1997-59
Ch. Hennings Mill Caruso
(By) OFA Hips Fair 24, CERF 41
Hennings Mills Country Charm
(Y) OFA Hips Good 32
Ch. Borador's Sweet Charity
OFA Hips LR-46780E27F-T
CERF LR-6408/1996-68
Ch. Boradors The Goblin
(Y) OFA Hips Excellent 24, CERF
Boradors Edgewater Harlow
(Y) OFA Hips Good 26
Am.Can.Ch. Oswicks Folklaur Storyteller
OFA Hips LR-129219G24F-PI 
OFA Elbows
CERF  LR-28952/2007-80, Optigen 03-167/B1
OFA Heart LR-CA1564/56F/C-PI-ECHO
Am.Can.Ch. Venetian's Blackwatch Bravo
OFA Hips LR-94977G25M-T
CERF LR-23613/2007-128 Optigen B1
Ch. Borador Willcare Mastercopy WC
OFA Hips Good,OFA Elbows Normal
Ch. Willcare's Masterpiece CD JH (C)
OFA Hips Exc 33, Elbow Norm,CERF 101
Boradors Not Bad For Brown
(C)  OFA Hips Good 24, ACVO 72
Venetian's Jondre Regal Roxy
OFA Hips Good 24, OFA Elbows Normal
ACVO 1998/55 Optigen A1
Ch. Beechcrofts Duke Skywalker (BB)
OFA Hip Good 25, Elbow Norm,CERF 115
Venetian's Kokomo  (11 points)
(C)  OFA Hips Good 24, CERF 78
Am.Can.Ch. Folklaur Stargazer at Oswick
OFA Hips LR-87029G24FT
OFA Elbows LR-EL631724F-T
CERF LR-15324/1999-35
Am.Can.Ch. Blackdux Knight Moves WC
OFA Hips Good 24, OFA Elbows Normal
Heart Clear, CERF 135
Ch. Chelons Mac The Knight CD JH
(BY)  OFA Hips Excellent 30, CERF 138
Ch. Blackdux French Vanilla
(Y) OFA Fair 45, CERF 87
Folklaur Flora CGC TDI
(By)  (12pts 1mjr)
OFA Hips Good 27, OFA Elbows Normal 84
CERF 138 Optigen A1
Folklaur Tycho
(Y) OFA Hips Excellent 24,CERF 128
Ch. Folklaur Aurora CD CGC TDI
(BB) OFA Hips Good 24, CERF 172

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