Beechcroft's Summer Sun x Folklaur Vanity Fair CD CGC TDI
Born May 24">

Beechcroft's Summer Sun x Folklaur Vanity Fair CD CGC TDI
Born May 24, 1996

3 Girls and 4 Boys

The 3 Girls - Lilly, Mora, Bria - Summer 2000 Playdate

Folklaur Briar Rose CGC TDI
"Bria" (By)
"Green Girl"
Born: May 24, 1996 ~ April 17, 2009
Hips:  OFA LR-88763E24F-T Excellent
Elbows: OFA Normal at 12 months
Eyes: CERF LR-16419/2002-72 Optigen A1
Breeder/Co-owner:  Laura J. Dedering    Owner: 
Jody Springer (Cygnet)
Retired with Jack and Dot Adriance

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Folklaur Morwen CGC TDI
"Blue Girl"

May 24, 1996 - January 3, 2008
OFA Good / CERF Clear 2001 / By
Owned and Loved by Bob and Barbara Schmitt - Morwen Labradors
and Peter and Richard

Friday, January 04, 2008 8:42 AM -
We are sad to let you know that our older dog Mora (Morwen) had to be put down today. She was 12 years old and so weak from cancer that she couldn't get up any longer. She was about the best dog that anyone could imagine; loyal, smart, obedient ,and loving.

Most of you know that Bob is a big fan of the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, (yes, from before there were movies!!). The Tolkien/Lord of the Rings fans among you may know that her name (Mor-Wen) meant Black Maiden in the fictional Elven language Quenya created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien really was a linguist by profession not an author. While he is best known for writing the Ring Trilogy and The Hobbit, Tolkien was also a poet. Death always brings to mind his most famous poem, The Lay of Luthien. Here's a link if you're not familiar with it

Spooky Coincidence: Today's date, 1/3/07, would have been J.R.R. Tolkien's 116th birthday (Eleventy-sixth to the Hobbits). There is tradition amongst the British members of the Tolkien Society that each year on his birthday a toast "The Professor" is made to the memory of J.R.R. Tolkien. See link- .

In that tradition I propose you join us in raising a similar toast to Mora with your favorite beverage: "The Dog"

Bob, Barbara, Pete and Rich

Folklaur Tiger Lily
                2004 on her 8th Birthday                      "Lilly"      2004 on her 8th Birthday and with her best friend "Latte"
"Red Girl"
May 24, 1996 - July 25, 2011

"Hi, Laura
I am writing this to you with a very heavy heart. We had to put our beautiful, sweet girl down yesterday.
On Sunday , she laid down and let us know she was done. We were so lucky because the girls happen to be home. Only David couldn't be there.
We were blessed to have her with us for 15 years. I am sure she and Latte are having a great time playing.
Thank you for providing us with wonderful family members.
Take care


2008 at 12 Years Old with Latte

2011 at 15 Years Old!

Folklaur East O' The Sun
"Pink Boy"

May 24, 1996 - Dec., 2010

Folklaur Tin Soldier

"Purple Boy"

Folklaur Aslan

"Orange Boy"
May 24, 1996 - May 6, 2006

Dear Laura,
I wanted to send you a note tonight to tell you that our dear dog, Aslan, whom we purchased from you nearly 10 years ago this month, passed away this evening.  Our family has been sharing our favorite Aslan stories tonight, and we kept coming back to the days when he first joined our family and how much we all appreciated the wonderful work you did in breeding and beginning to raise him.
Aslan died of cancer very rapidly; we found out about 60 days ago that he was sick.  He passed very gently with the family all around him.
I'm enclosing a picture of Aslan for you.  When I looked at your website tonight and saw the head of your dear dog, I was immediately reminded of Aslan's great head.
You did a great job in getting Aslan a wonderful start in life and I think I can say he had a wonderful life with our family.  We'll miss him always, but we're delighted we had the 10 years of happiness with him.

Folklaur  Kalevala Sport
"Yellow Boy"