Folklaur Love Story at Dev'Sun

                  At 13 months                                                                             At 2 years                              
Can.Ch. Folklaur Sorcerer's Apprentice x Am.Can.Ch. Oswicks Folklaur Storyteller

Born: June 13, 2005
Color: Black carrying Yellow (BBEe)
Hips: OFA
LR-170404G27F Good
Elbows: OFA
LR-EL36644F27 Normal 
Heart: OFA
LR-CA4445/57F/C-PI-ECHO Normal
PRA/prcd: OFA
Optigen Normal/Clear
CERF: LR-46032/2010-55
See Lovey's OFA Clearances Page

Owner: Cindy Gurney (Dev'Sun)
Breeder/Former Co-Owner: Laura Dedering (Folklaur)
Bred to: Ch. Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable - Produced: The Litter
     This litter raised by co-owner Cindy Gurney


Can.Ch. Folklaur Sorcerer's Apprentice
(By)  (AKC pointed)
OFA Hips
LR-143109G24M-PI Good
OFA Elbows LR-EL247453M29-PI Normal
CERF LR-34819/2006-44
OFA Eyes LR-PRA10/14M-PI, Optigen 03-1933/A1
OFA Heart LR-CA1566/32M/C-PI-ECHO
Full Dentition
DNA Profile# V319195

Ch. Pembroke Just Do It
OFA Hips LR-96548E24M-T Excellent
OFA Elbows LR-EL8417M24-T Normal
CERF LR-23736/2004-86   Optigen A1

Ch.Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall JH
OFA Hips Good 28OFA Elbows Normal
CERF LR-23949/2000-103

Ch.Dickendall Arnold
(BB) OFA Hips Good 25, CERF 137

Ch.Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy WC
(Y) OFA Hips Good 24

Ch.Lobuff's Onyx Alexandra
OFA Hips Good 24
CERF LR-16535/2000-67

Ch.Lobuff's Bare Necessities CD JH
(By) OFA Hips Excellent 24
CERF 125 Optigen A1

Ch.Lobuff's Sundown at Kerrymark
(Yc) OFA Hips Good 28, CERF 87

Can.Ch.Folklaur Magic Mirror CGC TDI
OFA Hips LR-111942G24F-PI Good
CERF LR-24347/2003-49   Optigen A1

Am.Can.Ch.Oswicks New Moon CGC
OFA Hips Excellent 26,OFA Elbows Normal
CERF LR-12047/2000-93

Daybreak Spicy Ryder (Byc)  (15pts 1mjr)
X-rayed Hips Good 84, ACVO 54

Oswicks Golden Sunset
(Y) OFA Hips Good 29, CERF 84

Folklaur Miss Marigold CGC TDI
OFA Hips Good 24 CERF 105

Can.Ch.Rocky Creek's Beacon (Yc) 
(10 AKC pts) OFA Hips Exc 24, CERF 120

Folklaur Flora CGC TDI (By)  (12pts 1mjr)
OFA Hips Good 27, Elbows Normal 84
CERF 138 Optigen A1

Am.Can.Ch. Oswicks Folklaur Storyteller
OFA Hips LR-129219G24F-PI 
OFA Elbows
CERF  LR-28952/2007-80, Optigen 03-167/B1
OFA Heart LR-CA1564/56F/C-PI-ECHO
Am.Can.Ch. Venetian's Blackwatch Bravo
OFA Hips LR-94977G25M-T
CERF LR-23613/2006-119 Optigen B1
Ch. Borador Willcare Mastercopy WC
OFA Hips Good,OFA Elbows Normal
Ch. Willcare's Masterpiece CD JH (C)
OFA Hips Exc 33, Elbow Norm,CERF 101
Boradors Not Bad For Brown
(C)  OFA Hips Good 24, ACVO 72
Venetian's Jondre Regal Roxy
OFA Hips Good 24, OFA Elbows Normal
ACVO 1998/55 Optigen A1
Ch. Beechcrofts Duke Skywalker (BB)
OFA Hip Good 25, Elbow Norm,CERF 115
Venetian's Kokomo  (11 points)
(C)  OFA Hips Good 24, CERF 78
Am.Can.Ch. Folklaur Stargazer at Oswick
OFA Hips LR-87029G24FT
OFA Elbows LR-EL631724F-T
CERF LR-15324/1999-35
Am.Can.Ch. Blackdux Knight Moves WC
OFA Hips Good 24, OFA Elbows Normal
CERF 135
Ch. Chelons Mac The Knight CD JH
(BY)  OFA Hips Excellent 30, CERF 138
Ch. Blackdux French Vanilla
(Y) OFA Fair 45, CERF 87
Folklaur Flora CGC TDI
(By)  (12pts 1mjr)
OFA Hips Good 27, OFA Elbows Normal 84
CERF 138 Optigen A1
Folklaur Tycho
(Y) OFA Hips Excellent 24,CERF 128
Ch. Folklaur Aurora CD CGC TDI
(BB) OFA Hips Good 24, CERF 172

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