BISS Ch. Martinstide Mass Appeal WC x Folklaur Luna
Pups Born January 8, 1992

Folklaur Moonlight Marigold                                                   Folklaur Bewitching Moon
"Fergie"                                                                                     "Sammie"
(01/08/92 - 01/31/06)                                                                                                  (01/08/92 - 04/26/07)
Owned and loved by Frank and Kathy DelTufo                                                              Owned and loved by Lisa and Jim Feury

Folklaur Moondoggie                                                                        Folklaur Callisto
"Buddy"                                                                                          "Cally"
Passed: 09/13/04                                                                                                                            
Owned and loved by the Penfil Family                                                                       Owned and loved by the Huff Family

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