Ch. Pembroke Just Do It  x Can.Ch.Folklaur Magic Mirror CGC TDI
Nike x Magic 1 Pups
Born May 20, 2002
The Boys at 7 Weeks

Green Boy
Can. Ch. Folklaur Sorcerer's Apprentice

May 20, 2002 ~
September 10, 2014

We are brokenhearted to report the passing of "Hardy". He was a very special soul. Hardy was the much loved show dog and companion of George and the late Dawn Laubenstein.  In later years, Hardy transitioned beautifully when George remarried and they joined Lori's  household with a teenage child and another dog.
He leaves us now to join Dawn, where she was waiting with Nathan, Fanny, Sadie, Oliver and Maude.

Navy Boy
Folklaur Hat Trick Mickey CGC TDI
May 20, 2002 ~ November 11, 2016
7th Birthday                                          On his 12th Birthday                                 13th Birthday
Tease wrote: "It's a very sad day in our family. We say goodbye to our baby. He was loved every minute of every day. He loved us all as well as all the kids he would visit in the hospital when he was a working therapy dog. We have tears but he is doing his bunny hop once again with Barney. Love you Mickey."

Blue Girl
Folklaur Magic Elixir

At 3 Years                                                             At 8 Years

At 9 Years                                                                      At 10 Years
Aunt "Ellie" and  Niece "Annie"          May & July 2012       Niece "Annie" and Aunt "Ellie"

Dec. 2012            "Aunt Ellie" and "Annie"            Dec. 2013

"Annie"    2014    "Ellie"                      Christmas                   
"Ellie" 2015 "Annie    

White Girl
Folklaur Magical Marley
              At 1 Year                                   13 Years                     with "CJ" & "Marley" April 2015
                                                                                                     "CJ" Folklaur Cordinas Crown Jewel

Pink Girl
Folklaur Mystical Ebony Jazz
Passed Spring 2017

Aug 2002

May 2006 at 4 Years
May 2010 at 8 Years

May 20, 2015 at 13 years - "EJ" Jazz says Hi and thank you for the card.
She is doing well, back legs a little wobbly, but enjoys getting the newspaper every morning and walking in the park every day.
Looking forward to wading in the bay when it gets a little warmer.

May 20, 2016 at 14 yearsThanks for the birthday wishes. I am doing ok, a little weak in the back end but I still like my job of getting the newspaper every morning (Wed. and Sat. are a little heavy for me) Jazz (EJ)

May 20, 2017 - Laura, EJ (our Jazz) didn't quite make 15. She was a very special member of our home and will be forever remembered. I tried to let you know but only had an old address available. Thanks for providing us with over 14 years of love and memories. Judy

Red Boy
Folklaur Quidditch
"Sir Mick"

At 2 Years

Yellow Girl
Folklaur Jasmine's Journey

At 1 year

Orange Girl
Folklaur Magic Echo

Purple Boy
Folklaur Magical Chap
May 20, 2002 ~ October 11, 2013
    At 3 Years                                                    At 8 Years              
                      At 8 Years                                              11 Years         

Dear Grandma Laura:
I am so sorry to tell you that Chappy passed away last Friday, October 11, 2013.  He was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor two weeks prior.  He did not suffer and only had one day where he did not want to eat or could not stand. We were all with him at the end.  The vet was terrific.   Thank you for giving us the best dog in the world.  He was always a gentleman, handsome boy and best friend.  I canít seem to stop crying. I have attached some pictures of our beautiful boy. Thank you again and with much love, Maureen, Peter, Katharine and Michael Hankin

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