Can. Ch. Folklaur Secret of the Maze

Pictured at 19 months Old
Canadian Champion and 5 AKC Points

Am. Can. Ch. Beechcroft's Study in Black x Can. Ch. Folklaur Riddle of Raven's Gulch

Born: October 22, 2004
Hips: OFA LR-164523E24F-PI Excellent
Elbows: OFA LR-EL33342F24-PI Normal
Eyes: CERF LR-44047/2010-64
Eyes: prcd-PRA  A1 Normal/Clear By Parentage
Heart: LR-CA2431/27F/C-PI-ECHO

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Bred to: Am.Can. Ch. Folklaur Ghostwriter WC - Produced: The Litter
Bred to: Grand Am.Can. Ch. Folklaur Song and Dance Man JH WC - Produced: The Litter
Bred to: Ch. Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable - Produced: The Litter

Mazie is OFA Excellent with 12 OFA Excellent Hip ancestors in her 4 generation pedigree

AmCan.Ch.Beechcroft's Study In Black
OFA Hips LR-136781G25M-PI Good
OFA Elbows LR-EL20536 Normal
CERF LR-32942/2007-75   Optigen A1
Ch.Beechcroft's Perfect Charmer
OFA Hips LR-112361G25M Good
OFA Elbows LR-EL13156 Normal
Ch.Lindall A'Bit of the Action
(Byc) OFA Hips Good 52, CERF 105
Lindall The Business
EngShCh.Lindall Bit of Class
(Bc) Eyes Clear 48
Beechcroft's Perfect Gem
(Bc) OFA Hips Excellent 26, CERF 91
Donalbain Marksman
(C) OFA Hips Good 28, CERF 55
Beechcroft's Perfecta
(B) OFA HipsExcellent  25, CERF 119
Can.Ch.Beechcroft's Stardust
OFA Hips LR-97097G24F Good
OFA Elbows LR-EL2695
CERF LR-23343/2004-91  Optigen A
AmCan.Ch.Beechcroft Citadel CD WC
(B) OFA Hips Good 24, CERF 112
Ch.Beechcroft Edgewood Tomarc
(Byc) OFA Hips Good 27, ACVO 49
Ch.Beechcrofts Clover of O'Henry
(BB) OFA Hips Good 27, ACVO 1985
Beechcroft's Stargazer
(B) OFA Hips Excellent 25
OFA Elbows Normal,
Ch.Classique Fire and Ice
(B) OFA Hips Excellent 28, EL Normal, CERF 76
Beechcroft's Perfecta
(B) OFA HipsExcellent 25, CERF 119
Can.Ch.Folklaur Riddle of Raven's Gulch
OFA Hips LR-118964E24F-PI Excellent
OFA Elbows LR-EL14430F24-PI
CERF LR-28249/2005-65   Optigen A1
Ch.Colton's Ransom of Red Chief
OFA Hips LR-61311E28M Excellent
OFA Elbows LR-EL1990 Normal
CERF LR-7843/2004-145 Optigen A
AmCanDutCh.Beechcroft's Regal Air
OFA Hips Excellent 24
OFA Elbows Normal 24
CERF 2003-155 Optigen A
AmCanCh.Beechcroft's Danish Skydiver
(BB) OFA Hips Excellent 26, Elbows Normal
ACVO & ERG Clear
Ch.Beechcroft's Trifolium
(BB) OFA Hips Excellent 24, CERF 102r
Beechcroft's Breezy
(BB) OFA Hips Fair 26, CERF 119
AmCanCh.Martin of Ballyduff
(B) OFA Hips Good 28 , ACVO Clear 7 yrs
Ch.Beechcrofts Skylark
(BB) OFA Hips Good 24, ACVO Clear
Folklaur Miss Marigold CGC TDI
OFA Hips LR-70805G24F-T Good
CERF LR-11292/2003-105
Can.Ch.Rocky Creek's Beacon
(Yc)  (10 AKC pts)
OFA Hips Excellent 24, CERF 120
Ch.Coalcreek's Gimme A Break
(Y) OFA Hips Fair 27, ACVO 83
Ch.Rocky Creek's Ruff 'n Ready
(Byc) OFA Hips Good 28, CERF 139
Folklaur Flora CGC TDI
(By)  (12pts 1mjr)
OFA Hips Good 27, Elbows Normal 84
CERF 138 Optigen A1
Folklaur Tycho
(Y) OFA Hips Excellent 24, CERF 128
Ch.Folklaur Aurora CD CGC TDI
(BB) OFA Hips Good 24, CERF 172

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