Nat x Mazie Pups
August 8, 2009

 Ch. Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable     x       Dam:  Can. Ch. Folklaur Secret Of The Maze            

Orange Girl

Can. Ch. Folklaur Secret Desire

Our "keeper" from this litter

4th Birthday

Green Girl
2009 New Biggings               "Tess"                   2016 Retired
Folklaur Contessa Secret Ingredient
"Tess" has been moved into the Paws With A Cause Assistance Dog breeding program,
having passed her all of her Temperament and Health Screenings.
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Heart Normal, Eyes ACVO 04/10/14 & Optigen PRA Normal/Clear, EIC Carrier and Penn Hip .38/.4

"Daisy"                      and                         "Dollar"
From Tess's first litter, Deb R. wrote:
We should be proud of that litter as all 9 have made it to the second phase of training to be assistance dogs."
Pictures of Tess's puppies at 6 weeks of age (see link below)   Everyone is doing well.
The puppies are off to PAWS Headquarters to begin training with their puppy raiser next week:

Deb R. wrote: "The puppies from her second litter are just 5 months. 
I see several of them in puppy class every week."
Tess's second Litter at 4 weeks
Pics at 6 weeks:

Deb R. wrote: "She had her third litter (Lab x Lab this time) of seven puppies on April 30. 
They have just gone on to the next phase of training with their puppy raisers. 
It was a fun litter – all blacks - 3 males, 4 females.  Deb"

Thank you for remembering Tess on her birthday. She has been a busy girl for PAWS this last year with 21 puppies born - 10 from a litter back in December and 11 from a litter this July. We still have the 11 puppies (4 M, 7 F) and will deliver them to PAWS this Friday.
They have all been assigned to raiser families-several of whom have visited the puppies.
Tess will not be bred on her next heat - it is time she takes a breather even though she has done very well with all 5 litters. Both recent litters were Lab/Golden crosses which is PAWS preferred breeding these days. Four of 8 puppies from the R litter ( her second) were placed with clients either as service dogs or service dogs for autism. We have taken many photos of the current litter of 11 and will send a few to you separately.
It was a fun litter and from the updates I am receiving from the puppy raisers, all are doing great.
The first photo was entered and one of the finalists in an employee photo contest where I work.

August 2014
Dear Laura,  Tess thanks you for her birthday card.  It will give me an opportunity to update you on how she is doing as a breeding dog for Paws With a Cause.
Today at eight weeks of age, Tess’s sixth litter of puppies went on to their puppy raiser and their next phase of training to be assistance dogs.  There were eight in this litter (photos attached).  This was a Lab x Lab breeding – 5 females, three males, six black and two yellow.  Tess has now had 53 puppies for PAWS and has been amazing- no puppy deaths or dystocia; I have never had to bottle feed a single puppy even with her litter of 11 (last year)...
...We are proud of her!  I am unsure when she will be retired from the breeding program.  At 5, she is healthy and probably still has a few more puppies to raise.
Hope you are well and continuing to breed beautiful Labs.  Kind regards,  Deb Ramsey

Purple Boy
                                                "Trey"                                 2 Years
Folklaur Trade Secret

January 2014 Caught red-handed (red-pawed?) with his head through the basket handles!

March 2014
March 2014 - Visiting with the goldfish           May 2014 - Hiding in the shade

June 2014 - A
pparently being the front door sentinel is quite exhausting.         2014 Aug 5th Birthday                  

July 2015 - My wonderful watchdog; Labrador style           Sept 2015 - now taking the pillow to rest in comfort!

Red Boy
Folklaur Secret Expedition
Click to Play Charlie's 1st Year

         2011 - 2 years old                                      April 2012                             Christmas 2012

4th Birthday August 2013                        with new housemate Brody                                      Christmas 201

Blue Boy
Folklaur The Secret of NIMH

Yellow Girl
Folklaur Secret Lily of the Valley

White Girl
                                                                   "Willa"                                     July 2010
Folklaur Do You Want To Know A Secret
(August 8, 2009 ~ May 21, 2013)

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