Can. Ch. Folklaur Secret of the Maze

9 Months
   1st at MJLRC on Thursday at 11 Months                                                  1st at MJLRC on Friday at 11 Months
Judges' Critiques:

JSLRC Friday 2005    2nd in 9-12 Puppy Bitch -
Classy, good colour yellow, with lovely head. Excellent dense coat. Out of the top drawer.
- Jim Nolan (Veyatie - UK)

JSLRC Saturday 2005    2nd in 9-12 Puppy Bitch Sweepstakes -
Darker yellow, larger overall than class winner and slightly longer cast. Well balanced with nice substance, presented in wonderful condition.   Lovely head and expression. Beautiful coat all the way down to the tip of her tail.  Nice angulation front and rear.  Moved and showed well. - Margaret Wilson (ShadowGlen - USA)

JSLRC Saturday 2005    2nd in 9-12 Puppy Bitch -
Absolutely gorgeous darker yellow. Very good head with sweet expression and good length of muzzle.   Balanced all through with strong bone, big ribs and short-coupled body.  Unfortunately today was a little apprehensive (was told later she was in heat for the first time) so perhaps this was the reason.  A very good prospect for the future. - Elise Nolan (Veyatie - UK)

MJLRC Thursday 2005 1st in 9-12 Puppy Bitch - Guy Spagnolo (Driftway - Australia)

MJLRC Friday 2005 1st in 9-12 Puppy Bitch - Compact yellow girl, Very sweet expression, excellent pigmentation, strong neck, good front angulation and fore chest, well rounded ribs, good bone and feet, excellent topline and rear, low set hocks, excellent coat and tail, excellent temperament. - Bolette Heering (Melicmark - Denmark)

As a Model for Lands' End

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at 7 weeks

Sept. 2007 Mazie with the Del Tufo Family

Christmas 2012 at 8 years       2015 Head on suitcase waiting to leave for the shore house            April 2017 at 12 1/2

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