Am.Can.Ch. Oswicks New Moon CGC   x   Folklaur Miss Marigold CGC TDI
Pups Born December 17, 1998

Yellow Girl

Can. Ch. Folklaur Magic Mirror

             Dec. 2013 - On her 15th Birthday  12/17       Opening her Christmas presents 12/25              

Blue Boy
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Folklaur Hercule Poirot
December 17, 1998 ~ September 5, 2012

Hi Laura. Hope all is well. It's with a very heavy heart that write to say we lost the most amazing pup last night. Mookie was a big part of our family for about 16 years. We were so lucky he came into our lives. He lived a long and very happy life. He was actually happy until his last day. Always smiling and trying make others happy. He passed very peacefully and easily with family members around to pet his head. He knew his time was here and let go quickly.
He was like a son to me and I will miss him dearly, I just feel blessed to have had him in my life.
Thanks for all you have done for us and when the time is right, maybe another Mookie is in our future. Feel free to call if you like. Brian

Peach Girl

           "Alibi" (2000)
Folklaur Alibi
December 17, 1998 ~ August 3, 2012
Chris and Jill Fox wrote: "
Laura, It is with profound sadness that I inform you that Alibi passed away on Friday, August 3rd.  We are doing our best to deal with the loss of our "bright eyed" girl.  It is so hard to believe that is has been almost 14 years since we brought her home.  We are so grateful to have had a dog as wonderful as Ali!
When Ali walked into a room, she commanded a presence I have never seen from a dog.  It was like "the Princess has now arrived, you can all carry on".  It was her personality!!  We moved into a larger home with some property, and we were so worried how Ali and Aspen would cope.  Ali was like "thank God you moved me into the place I was born to be in" !  I don't know if you can tell Laura, but this is Jill now.  I am devastated, but can look back and laugh at her.  She followed me EVERYWHERE!!  She was my sweetheart.

Green Boy
          (1999)                           "Simon"                      (2009)                   
Folklaur The Noble Bachelor
December 17, 1998 ~ June 2012
John wrote "
Simon added so much to our lives and could not have been loved or loved us any more. We had Thirteen wonderful years with him and an uncountable number of fond memories. Simon was a once in a lifetime, loyal friend and we all miss him dearly. His ashes now sit on my desk along with his big paw print to remind us how great he was and that his spirit is still with us."  Our sincere sympathy to John and Diane Vanderslice.

Orange Girl

            "Darby" (2001)
Folklaur Love Times Three

Black Girl
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Folklaur Mrs Valentine
December 17, 1998 ~ October 7, 2011
"...Hailey passed away at midnight.  I had made a bed next to her. Her breathing became very labored but passed In a few seconds. I wish I had taken her to the hospital ...I think today was tough on her ...but as usual she ate a full meal at breakfast...Maryann and my three children are heartbroken. She was so much a part of our family that just walking in this house without her greeting us will take a long time to pass ...maybe never ..but maybe that's just the way it should be...I asked our Lord to take her tonight and he did ....Laura I am so sad but I thank you for giving us a special family member that will be in our hearts and minds and soul forever. Sincerely, Jim Shannon"

Red Boy

            "Quincy"  (1999)
Folklaur Doctor Quincy

Pink Boy
Folklaur Firestorm

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