Royal x Mystery Pups
Born: September 10, 2002
Table Shots at 7 Weeks Old

Green Girl
                                  Folklaur Night Smoke      
2013 at 11 years
           Chillin' at the beach house

Black Girl
                             Folklaur Irish Rose              13 weeks
2005                                                                               2006

Dark Green Boy

Folklaur Irish Hearts
7 months                                                4 years
                        2008 - 6th Birthday                                   Christmas 2011          2015 - 13th Birthday

July 3, 2016 at 13
1/2 Years Young!
Hi Laura, Thought I would send you a picture of Duke.  He is still loving the great outdoors.

Red Boy

Folklaur Hidden Star

Blue Boy

Folklaur Montana Sky
September 10, 2002 ~ April 1, 2017


Dec 5, 2002 - All tired out from my 1st snow!

Dec. 10, 2002 - My 1st Christmas !!


July 1, 2003 - Enjoying the pool with my Brother!!

Sept. 10, 2003 - My 1st Birthday

Hello Grandma Laura, Is with great sadness that I write this letter to you. Our faithful loving companion of 14 and a half years has passed away today. He has gone to meet his brothers and sisters that have passed before him to run and play and chase that ball for eternity. He has been the best pet our family could have ever asked for. His love and dedication to our family was beyond anything we could have ever imagined. He ran and played with our children and then our grandchildren. His pain was too great we couldn't have him suffer any longer. He rarely complained but we knew he was in pain and could no longer walk and hardly ate. His last days we made him chicken and eggs and at times didn't want to eat that. We lost our son 3 years ago and now our puppy. They are in heaven playing with that bright yellow ball for eternity.  Thank you for helping us find him as he was a very important part of our family. 
Always Grateful,  Lou and Joann Toth

Purple Girl

Folklaur Summer Pleasure
September 10, 2002 ~ June 15, 2016

2002                                                        2003

Our dog Sage passed away peacefully last night in the arms of my loving son. She was his best friend for almost 14 years.
Thank you Laura for her wonderful gift of love to our entire family.  Debbie Connolly

Peach Boy

Folklaur Once Upon A Dream
September 10, 2002 ~ June 15, 2016
2005                                                   2007                                                             2008

          Hair turning white 2011          AMAZING!!!             Now all White 2013 at 11 years

Hi Laura, We just wanted to let you know that our beloved Folklaur Lab, Riley crossed the Rainbow Bridge last evening.  He was 13 years, 10 months old.   Although we feel terrible, we are comforted by the fact that he died at home with his family by his side.
We will never forget the wonderful years we had with our big, blocky head Folklaur Black Lab.  He was a sweet, sweet, boy.  From time to time we would still call him by his Folklaur puppy name "Peachboy". Thank you for helping us to add such a wonderful dog to our family.
The Jones Family

Orange Boy
Folklaur This Magic Moment
September 10, 2002 ~ May 26, 2014
2013 at 11 years

My beloved, sweet, gentle, loyal, faithful, baby Magic passed in my arms last night and is now with John. He always let me know that I was his reason for being; by the way he rested against my leg and always had to be touching me somewhere and I always had to be in his sight; by the way he thumped his tail at my smallest smile and gesture. He was loyalty itself. He taught me many things including the meaning of devotion and to be strong. His presence by my side at all time was protection against my fears of dark and unknown things. I will miss him terribly and my heart is broken again. - Cecilia Burans Scarinzi

Pink Boy

Folklaur In From The Cold CGC
September 10, 2002 ~ February 17, 2014

                 At 8 years old                               Christmas 2011 at 9                  Christmas 2012     
11 Years Old in 2013 with New Baby Dax!                            Christmas 2013               

Dec. 2013                                                                             Feb. 2014

HI Laura, I hope this email finds you and your family well. 
I am writing with very sad news. I had to put Stratton down on February 17th... I slept on the couch with him for the last 6 weeks because he couldn't get to the bedroom any longer and I didn't want him to sleep alone since he had always been in the bed with me.  He also had to go out several times during the night, but through it all he was so stoic, always wagging his tail, and kept  his hearty lab appetite until the very end.   It finally just became apparent to me that he was just struggling so much and although he didn't show it the pain must have been horrendous, and I felt that I was keeping him alive for me.  After several conversations with several vets, and exhausting the list of options, I realized I needed to make the decision.
It was so hard to let him go, but I am glad I was able to relive him of all the pain.  Stratton was such a loyal and faithful friend for 11.5 years, and left quite a legacy of stories and fond memories. Everyone loved him and there will never be another Stratton.  He was quite the character and will have a very special place in my heart forever.   I just wanted to thank you for him, he was truly my best friend and is so missed. 
Take care and will stay touch.  - Best Torrey

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