Folklaur Puppies are always born and raised in my home.
Since I am a small hobby breeder">


Folklaur Puppies are always born and raised in my home.
Since I am a small hobby breeder, and I breed with the intention of keeping show prospects for myself, all of my puppies are raised in the best way possible, hoping that my next show champion will be in the litter. Since, realistically, not all pups will be of show potential, pet puppies are occasionally available as family companions to highly screened families. That means that the pet puppies were raised with all the same care and benefits of my future champions.

The Puppies are born in a bedroom, next to the bed, where they are closely watched throughout the day and night.
They are also watched on a baby video monitor. Their eyes and ears are not open during the first two weeks.

Mom and pups are then moved to a whelping box which is in view from my desk or on a baby video monitor where I can closely observe them as they are developing.  They remain here until they are ready for weaning and potty box training which takes place when they are between 3 and 4 weeks old.

The next move is
into our cheerful, clean and state of the art puppy room where they are still watched in person and on a baby video monitor.  The custom 1" small wire on the front of the puppy pen gives them a safe but unobstructed view of the room. They can observe and interact with our adult dogs, who love to go over and visit the puppies. The pups get to watch the adults enjoying their evening playtime before going to bed.  They see how the big dogs happily go into their crates to sleep quietly all night and they learn from all of these positive images.

Working along with a dog's natural "Den Dwellers" instinct,
the desire not to dirty where they sleep, our puppy pen provides them with separate eating/playing/sleeping and elimination areas. After they have a firm grasp of the concept, a "doggie door", made of a solid swinging plastic panel, is inserted into the potty box opening.
Our pups go to their new homes already potty box trained and they understand the concept of having to go through a doorway to another area in which to relieve themselves.
The pups are let out of the pen daily, under supervision, to run around the whole room so they can explore and play. They are exposed to the activities of everyday life like the vacuum cleaner, the washer and dryer, going inside the adult dogs' sleeping crates, ducking under the couch, running through tunnels, etc.
It is a great time of Enrichment. At the same time, they are secluded from strangers, germs and other situations that could cause them physical or emotional harm.
Only qualified and experienced adults and children are ever allowed to handle, play and care for our puppies.
We post pictures frequently so future families can watch the puppies' progress.

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