Ch. Northwood Sandman x Ch. Finchingfield Folklaur
       (OFA LR-15946 G24F">

Ch. Northwood Sandman x Ch. Finchingfield Folklaur
       (OFA LR-15946 G24F, CERF LR-983/93-136)       PEDIGREE         (OFA LR-10684-T G26F, CERF LR-707/93-175)

Ch. Folklaur Pandora
Pandlrcc.JPG (39702 bytes)         pandstr1.JPG (36368 bytes)
     "Pandora" (Byc)
January 2, 1984 - August 4, 1998
Winners Bitch LRCCC Specialty 1986
Under Breeder Judge Carole Coode (Warringah)

Hips: OFA LR-21478-T Good
Eyes: CERF LR-1372/1990-80

Winners Bitch LRC of Central CT Specialty 1986 - Judge Carole Coode (Warringah)
 WB, BW, BOB over specials - Monmouth County 1987 - Olga Hampton (England)
Ch. Folklaur Horizon Genesis   (By Am. Can. Ch. Huntsdown Valleywood Spice)
Am. Can. Ch. Horizon Lone Star  (By Ch. Beechcroft Edgewater Tomarc)
Folklaur Horizon Temptation (pointed)  (By Am. Can. Ch. Rainell's Dynasty)

Breeder/Co-owner: Laura Dedering
Co-Owners: Joseph and Mary B. Fastiggi - Horizon Labradors

Ch. Folklaur Echo of Wingfeather
Echobpsm.JPG (76367 bytes)        Echowb.JPG (71623 bytes)
January 2, 1984 ~ November 1991
RWB Westminster KC 1985

Hips:   OFA LR22928 G32F
Eyes:  ACVO Clear

AKC Champion
RWB - Westminster KC 1985
WB, BOS - Union County 1984 - Jerry Weiss (Lobuff)
LRC Central CT 1984 Best Puppy In Specialty Match -Heather Wiles (Heatherbourne)

 Breeder: Laura Dedering
Owned by John and Kathy Szwed - Wingfeather Labradors

Ch. Folklaur Orion of Talmarc
Rionpyhd.JPG (90178 bytes)        
   "Rion" (Yc)
January 2, 1984 - December 1999

Hips: OFA LR-21014-T 
Eyes: CERF
24 tall Excellent movement

  Multiple Best of Breeds and Group 2
Sire of Champion & Obedience Titled get
Open Yellow 2nd - LRC National Specialty 1985
Veteran Sweepstakes 2nd - MJLRC 1994

Breeder: Laura Dedering
Owner: Lynn Zavalick - Talmarc Labradors

Folklaur Luna CGC TDI
Luna&LDcrop.JPG (99424 bytes)luna.jpg (30486 bytes)
     "Luna" (Byc)
June 2, 1985 - August 24, 1998

Hips: OFA LR-25073 G24F Good
Eyes: CERF LR-1737/1992-80
Full Dentition

Breeder/Owner: Laura J. Dedering


Certified Therapy Dog
Dam of Champion and other major pointed get
Dam of Obedience and Working Titled get
Dam of Seeing Eye Dog - Folklaur Moonshadow
they called Shadow the "Miracle Worker"
because she led a blind woman who was also deaf
RWB to major - Palisades 1988 - Nancy Martin (Ayr)
American Bred 3rd out of 32 - MJLRC 1988 - Jocelyn Kneller (Candlemas)
Brood Bitch 4th - MJLRC 1991 - Michael Parsons (Bluffdale)

"Edith’s Girl" 1993 - 1998

Folklaur Chloe of Saltmeadow
Chloe.JPG (92976 bytes)
January 2, 1984
Major Pointed

OFA Good / CERF Clear

Breeder: Laura Dedering
Owner: Carla Frey - Saltmeadow Labradors

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