Henry x Rhymer Pups
Born April 29, 2007

   Sire: Ch. Hedgelawn's Doc Holiday
                x             Dam:  Folklaur Once Upon A Rhyme

White Girl

Folklaur Little Tessa Riley
4th Birthday                                            August 2011
Christmas 2011
"Tessa" March 2012 with "Cookie"                          5th Birthday 2012            
Oct. 2012 Tessa, Hurley, Cookie       Jan. 2013 "Cookie" and "Tessa" napping with "Niece Hurley"
April 29 2013 - Celebrating Tessa's 6th Birthday
          "Tessa"                                        "Hurley"                   "Tessa"                   "Cookie"
March 2014 Tessa, Cookie, Hurley                         April 2014 Tessa and Cookie
2014 - 7th Birthday                                                2015 - 8th Birthday  

Pink Girl
Folklaur Sailing Sailing
4 Years Old
5th Birthday April 2012

Scupper and Sailor              Summer 2012           Sailor and Scupper

2012 Oct. Scupper and Sailor
Announcing the upcoming wedding!

April 29th          2013         April 23rd
Folklaur Sailing Sailing  and  Folklaur Marina The Sailor
"Scupper"                         "Sailor"

"Scupper" Christmas 2013

April 23rd          April 29th

Folklaur Marina The Sailor  and  Folklaur Sailing Sailing
"Sailor"                     "Scupper"

2015 - Scupper at 8 years
Folklaur Marina The Sailor "Sailor" and  Folklaur Nautical Desire "Hinckley" and  Folklaur Sailing Sailing "Scupper"
        "Sailor" , "Hinckley", "Scupper"                             Pink Collar is Hinckley, Red is Scupper, Green is Sailor
May 2015 - Waiting behind the screen door                                          May 2015                                   

             August 2015                                                  Aug 2015 Scupper & Sailor
Scupper loves to fetch her toy and intercept Sailor's toy. The Penobscot Bay is so perfect for them. Sailor simply loves to swim while Scupper loves to fetch.

Blue Girl

Folklaur Beauty and the Beast
            4th Birthday                                                  Christmas 2011
5th Birthday 2012                                  Christmas 2012                                 Christmas 2013

Yellow Girl
Folklaur Teddy Bear Picnic
July 2011 Maine

April 2012

Black Boy
Folklaur Hickory Dickory Dock
                  4 Years Old                                              Feb 2013 Ginger and Fred

2013 Fred with new nephew George                "Ginger, "George" and "Fred" 2013     

2015 - Happy 8th Birthday!
"He is the best dog ever and we love him so much!  We can't believe he is 8. As a special treat we allowed him to have some chicken from the counter last night!  He was so confused at first but thoroughly enjoyed the treat!"

May 6, 2015 - Video of Fred and George being "boys"

Purple Boy
Folklaur Modern Major-General
4 Years Old

5th Birthday 2012                                                 December 2012       

              February 2013                                          September 2013                     

October 2013                                          November 2013                                  
7th Birthday 2014
                                 January 2015              

Dear Laura,  I'm writing you tonight with a great heaviness in my heart and a very deep sadness.  On Monday, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Major… To us, and to you as well, Major was in the truest sense, a cherished member of our family.  He will never be forgotten and he will always be missed.  Thank you for bringing us together.  Sincerely, Michael Fiedler

Green Boy

Folklaur The Aspen Plum

Red Girl
Folklaur Chloe The Jewel Fairy
April 29, 2007 - June 2014

"Chloe" and "Uncle Mattingly"
Fall 2012

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