Study x Rhymer Pups
Born January 22, 2008

   Sire: BISS Am.Can.Ch. Beechcroft's Study In Black
   x    Dam:  Folklaur Once Upon A Rhyme

3 Black Females and 7 Black Males
Pictured on Table at 7 Weeks Old

Show/Performance Pups

Pink Boy

                                                         Can. Ch. Folklaur Jolly Gentleman of Pandemonium    14 Months old at
Potomac 2009
Hips: OFA LR-185544G24M-VPI Good  ~  Elbows: OFA LR-EL46033M24-VPI Normal  ~  Heart: LR-CA4177/21M/C-VPI-ECHO Normal
Eyes: CERF
/2010-24  Optigen prcd/PRA Normal/Clear
See Jo's OFA Clearances Page
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Bred By Laura Dedering (Folklaur)  Owned By Laura Jennings (Pandemonium)
July 4, 2010 - Sarnia KC #3 Canada - Winners Dog to complete his Canadian Championship in 3 straight shows.
July 3, 2010 - Sarnia KC #2 Canada - Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over 2 Specials for 5 points.
July 2, 2010 - Sarnia KC #1 Canada - Winners Dog for 3 points.
Pictured at 9 Weeks Old

White Boy
Pictured at 3 Years Old                                          Pictured at 2 Years Old                                              Pictured at 2 Years Old
               Folklaur Yankee at Marifield
(In Portugal)
Prelim X-rays Hips A and Elbows 0:0
Eyes ACVO Clear 2008-03 ; Optigen Normal/Clear By Parentage
Bred By Laura Dedering Owned By Maria Povoas (Marifield - Portugal)

Pictured at 12 Months Old
Pictured at 9 Weeks Old

Red Girl
Folklaur An Apple A Day JH WC NA NAJ NF SHRC CGC TDI

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2014 - 6th Birthday

Folklaur Zest For Life!  and  Folklaur An Apple A Day JH WC NA NAJ NF SHR CGC TDI
"Lemon", "Theory" the Border Collie, and "Apple"

Navy Boy

Folklaur One Stormy Night
Heart: Echo Clear at 24 Months (OFA # pending)
Eyes: CERF LR-53570/2010--24
Optigen prcd/PRA Normal/Clear By Parentage
Breeder/Co-owner Laura Dedering  Owners Amy and John Citarella

5 Canadian KC points
July 10, 2009 -
Oxford KC #1 in Canada - Winners Dog for 2 more points.
July 9, 2009 - Bluewater KC #3 in Canada - Winners Dog for 2 more points.
July 5, 2009 - Sarnia KC #3 in Canada - Winners Dog for 1 point.

                  Sept. 28, 2009                            2nd Birthday Jan. 22, 2010               



Orange Boy
8 Weeks                                                        5 Years
Folklaur Johnnie Walker In Black

6th Birthday

Yellow Boy
Folklaur Jack Be Nimble CGC
October 2010                                                January 2011

October 2011
2011                                                                        2012             
July 2013
December 2013                                                               March 2015
See Jack's December 2013 Snow Video

Purple Boy
Folklaur Man In The Moon
  Christmas 2011                                 5th Birthday Jan. 2012                              Christmas 2013
                Christmas 2014                  March 2016 Murray with new friend Keeper (Beechcroft's Time Keeper)

Peach Girl
Folklaur Spring Is Sprung

                                                                                    Oct 2012 - Waiting for the baby to be born!
"Ashlee" December 2012 with Baby Kate

July 2013

"Ashlee" December 2013 with Baby Kate
"Ashlee" asking Kate "Is it Christmas yet"             Christmas 2013
October 2014                           BFF's                January 2015

Green Girl
Folklaur Over The Moon

Blue Boy

Folklaur The Lion And The Unicorn

Birth Day and 4 Days Old  1 Week Old   2 Weeks Old  3 Weeks Old  4 Weeks Old
5 Weeks Old   6 Weeks Old  7 Weeks Old Stacked and 8 Week Families  8 Weeks Old Candid

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