Bodie x Riddle Litter
Ch. Rainell's As Good As It Gets    x    Can. Ch. Folklaur Riddle of Raven's Gulch
Born: May 30, 2002

 Folklaur Victoria Of Erie      and      Folklaur Sandy Shores O’Eire
as "Lily"                                                  as  "Spike"

7 Weeks

White Boy
Folklaur Sandy Shores O'Eire
May 30, 2002 - December 26, 2016
1 Year Old                                               2 Years Old                       
3rd Birthday 2005
              2006                                                               2013 at 11 Years

Hi Laura,
I wanted to let you know that Sandy passed away this afternoon.  Me, Jim and the kids are heartbroken. He was a wonderful dog and great companion for the past 14+ years. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful friend into our lives. We hope you are doing well and send along best wishes for a Happy New Year. Julia Zauner

Red Boy
Folklaur Donnchadh Wilson
July 2002                                          August 2002                                  Dec. 2002
June 2003

May 2004

Pink Girl

Folklaur Limerick Lace

May 30, 2002 - July 20, 2016
Oct 2003                                                     May 2004 2nd Birthday

Christmas 2005                                        Christmas 2006                                      Christmas 2007
May 2010 on her 8th Birthday
         Christmas 2009                            Christmas 2010                                          Christmas 2011

2016  So sweet - So loved - So old.

Blue Girl
Folklaur Marley Cait
May 30, 2002 - September 29, 2015
September 2002


May  2004 Marley, Bailey and Wanda                         August 2004                                          November 2005                     

June 2008                              2011 - 9 Years Old

2012 - 10 Years Old

2013 - 11 Years Old                                         2014 - 12 Years Old
2015 - 13th Birthday!
Laura, thanks for a wonderful dog!!
May 30, 2002 - September 29, 2015
"Hi Laura, It's with a heavy heart that I write this email.  We had to put Marley to sleep earlier this week.  She was a great companion and adventurer with me in my younger days. As we both got older, Marley welcomed her sisters and brother into our family with love and kindness.  Never jealous of the fact that she wasn't getting as much attention. We loved and cherished her to the very end and will miss her greatly.  I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful dog that enriched our lives so muchThanks so much." Brian Trabulsi and family

Peach Girl

Folklaur Celts Of Abbey Road
May 30, 2002 - April 22, 2017

    2003 - 1st Birthday                             2007 Cowgirl                   2015 - 13th Birthday

                    2016 - 14th Birthday !!                                                                        2017
Dear Laura, It is with broken hearts that I am writing to tell you Abbey Road crossed over the rainbow bridge this afternoon.  We were fortunate to have  Dr. B come to our home and Abbey went very peacefully.  Knowing she did not suffer and went quickly gives us comfort.  She was ready.  There are no words to adequately express the joy and unconditional love she gave our family just shy of 15 years.  Even as her health continued to decline we were greeted everyday with a smile and wagging tail.  Her puppy spirit was there right until the end.  She lived a wonderful life and I know there will never be another Abbey Road.  I cannot thank you enough for trusting us with one of your "grandkids."  She was truly loved and will be deeply missed.
Love, Debra, Michael, Jenna and Michael Ciano 

Yellow Girl
Folklaur Victoria Of Erie

Purple Girl
Folklaur Fare Kayla
May 30, 2002 - May 8, 2015
          Dec. 2007 at 5 Years                            On her 7th Birthday                       On her 8th Birthday

On her 9th Birthday                              Kayla and Lindie       Nov. and Dec. 2012       Lindie and Kaya

May 2013 - Kayla's 11th Birthday                           Kayla and Lindie Dec. 2013

May 2014 - Kayla's 12th Birthday                             September 2014                                    Nov. 2014

Pictured on April 24, 2015
Hi Laura,
With broken hearts, we are writing to let you know that Kayla passed early this afternoon.  She was our first baby and the first friend to our daughters.  She was such an incredible dog, a sweet, gentle, silly, and loving animal who brought such incredible joy to our family for almost 13 years. Kayla helped several of our daughters' friends get over their fear of dogs due to her sweet and loving nature. She was loved by so many, and will be so missed.  Lindie has known for a while something was wrong, and in the past few days has stayed close by Kayla's side. Kayla was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 weeks ago, and deteriorated quickly.   We did everything we could for her, but she let us know it was her time.
Lindie is still going strong at almost 14.5; today she is sad for her sister, and I expect she will need some extra love and attention in the coming days. Thank you for trusting us with your sweet puppy, who was such a valued and loved member of our family.  We are so blessed to have had Kayla in our lives for almost 13 years.
With love, Amy and David Metrena



Orange Boy

Folklaur Sierra Maverick
May 30, 2002 - August 30, 2004

         12 months old                                               Pictured at  20 months winning
                                                                         Best of Opposite Sex Adult in Specialty Match
                                                                            JSLRC Feb. 2004

Green Boy
Folklaur Pooka Of Eire
May 30, 2002 - December 29, 2014
                                         1st Day Home                                                                         at 2 Years

Pictured at 121/2 Years Old
Laura, It is with great sadness that we inform you that our beloved Pooka passed away last night at the age of 12 1/2.  Pooka lived a healthy and happy life here in Ridgefield, CT and was a much valued member of the family.  In recent months Pooka suffered from a series of gastrointestinal problems and was going through, as our vet put it, “wasting.”  We kept him comfortable to the end, and the entire family was by Pooka’s side when he passed.  Thank you for providing us with a loving family member for more than 12 years.  Below is a picture for you to remember him by. Sincerely, Ross & Valerie Schneiderman





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