Study x Riddle Pups
Born 10/22/2004
Pictured at 7 Weeks Old

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Pink Girl
       3 years old                                       "Mazie"                                         8 years old
Can. Ch. Folklaur Secret of the Maze

Our "keeper" from this litter
Now Retired and living with her family

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Red Girl
                   14 months old                 "Clues"                  14 months old              
Folklaur Search For The Clues
10/22/2004 - 07/00/2016

July 2016 - Clues was one of our special show girls who lived with us until she was 14 months old, before going to live in her forever home. Susie Harrington wrote "I am writing with sad news that she passed away... She was the sweetest, funniest, most loving dog we could have hoped for, and while it has been a very difficult loss for our family, we feel very lucky to have had her in our family. Thank You, Susie Harrington"

Photos at 9 and 10 months
Eyes: CERF LR-44048/2005-04 and prcd-PRA  A1 Clear by Parentage
1st Place in 9-12 Sweepstakes at JSLRC
 under Breeder Judge Betty Wenner (Surry)
Clues also placed 3rd in 9-12 Sweepstakes at JSLRC
 the next day under Breeder Judge Margaret Wilson (ShadowGlen)

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Yellow Girl
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                   8 weeks old              "Cassie"                       3 years old         
Folklaur Cassandra

             2011 at 6 1/2 Years Old                     Oct 12, 2013 at 9 Years Old
               2014 at 10 Years Young!                                                     2015 January - BRRRRR!

2017 February one day in the snow, another at the beach!

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Orange Girl

Folklaur Murphys Irish Stout

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White Boy
                8 weeks old                  "Jester"                           4 years old
Folklaur Court Jester CGC TDI

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Green Boy

                8 weeks old                "Walker"                           4 years old
Folklaur Donovan McLab
6 years Old

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Blue Boy
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            8 weeks old                 "Bentley"                        2 years old
Folklaur Brian Lion of Eire
10/22/2004 - 07/2014
October 2011 at 7 years Old
ere's our boy. He is nothing short of fantastic!! We dote on him!!"
2012                                                    2014          
Hello Laura, I am writing to you with a very heavy heart. Our sweet, beautiful boy, Bentley, passed away at home overnight recently. We are devastated and heartbroken. We were so unprepared. The whole family can't believe it - we miss him at the bottom of the staircase, at the top of the staircase, at every corner of the house, when we see all his favorite bushes and hedges, all the puddles he would flop down in, on the window seat where he would sit most regally with his tail wagging as he watched the squirrels and birds. Life is so empty without him.
We are incredibly grateful to you for giving us one of the most loving and sweet pups we could ever have wished for. Bentley, Lion of Eire, was a legend and taught us all the best lessons in love, respect and loyalty.
I am so sorry to bring you this news - I know they all remain your grandchildren. As everyone keeps reminding us and what we need to focus on is that Bentley had a wonderful life. He was the most loved, spoiled and photographed dog in town! And, just as importantly, he made us all a better family.  Andrea Williams

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Purple Girl
wpe6.jpg (16268 bytes)
Folklaur Pot of Gold CGC TDI
"Daisy Mae"
10/22/2004 - 05/23/2011

                                    1 year old                             2007 - 3 years old             2009 - 5 years old

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