Tibbs x Sable Pups
Born September 23, 2010

 Ch. MajestxWilcare Call Me Mr Tibbs    x      Dam:   Folklaur Madame de Sable

8 weeks old
In Order of Birth

Green Boy

Folklaur The Book Of Eli

August 2011

Blue Boy
Folklaur Brown Penny

                December 2011                                                         Happy 2nd Birthday 2012

"Gibbs" and "Nevel" November 2012                         3rd Birthday 2013                   

2015 Gibbs' 5th Birthday

Red Boy
Folklaur At The Beach
At 16 Weeks                                                        At 7 months

2 1/2 years old with Sophie
April 2013 - "H
i Laura, I hope this message finds you well. It has been over a year since I sent you an update on our wonderful Rory. He is now 2 and a half years old and continues to be a the center of our world. He is very loved, very well behaved, and oh so spoiled! Rory now has a new sibling in his life and is adjusting very well. Last July my husband Brad and I welcomed a new baby girl named Sophie into our lives. She and Rory get along famously. He is extremely gentle with her and loves to spend time with her while she plays. He is protective, patient, and has no problem with her pulling on his tail and his ears. He is such a loving brother and loves to go on long walks with her. I have attached a couple of photos of them together for your website (one in color, one is black and white). These were taken this past week when she turned 9 months old. I'm thrilled that one of her first words ever spoken was 'RoRo.' I think she is as in love with him as we are. Thank you for allowing us to have this wonderful boy. He has made this family complete. Warmly, Kim and Brad Brick"

Orange Girl
Folklaur Loving In Truth

                                   July 2011                                                                Sept. 2011        1st Birthday!
SNOW IN OCTOBER?                Christmas 2011                           Feb. 2012                              June 2012
                                  July 2012                                                                                          Fall 2012

Stella's 2nd Birthday 2012                  Dec 2012                          May 2013                       December 2013           

"Stella" with new brother Chace

Oct. 2014
                  Halloween 2014                                         Christmas 2014

                         Feb. 2015                                                                             May 2015

September 2015 at 5 years old                                                Christmas 2015                                

Yellow Boy

Folklaur The Rooney Prize
December 17, 2010

Christmas 2010

Sept 2013 - 3rd Birthday                                                Christmas Dec 2013        

Feb 2014

Purple Boy

Folklaur A Slice Of Life
April 2012 - "Dex of course continues to be the center of our universe and is spoiled rotten by family, friends, and of course his mom and dad. (A few pictures of the big mush...his favorite hobbies these days; sitting up and perching both paws on our laps, chewing on nyla bones, hanging out with our neighbor's daughter- 11 month old baby Sarah :))) You certainly picked out the perfect dog for us!!" - Ksenia and Mitch

1 Year Old

            Nov. 2011                                           April 2012                                        
3rd Birthday 2013

Jan. 2014

Sept. 2014 ~ 4th Birthday!

Pink Boy
Folklaur Harvest Hymn
1st Birthday                                                      2nd Birthday

White Boy
Folklaur The Diesel


Happy 2nd Birthday!                                             2016 

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