Hardy x Steller Pups
Born June 13, 2005

Pictured at 7 Weeks Old

The Show Pups

Purple Girl

Folklaur Love Story at Dev'Sun
March 2006                                         Feb 2007                                        Nov 2008

                      May 2010                                   June 2012 - 7th Birthday

Orange Boy

Folklaur Troubadour
2006                                                                2007


2015 - Happy 10th Birthday!
July 2016 - Loving Life at 11 Years Young!

July 2016 - "Cousin" Joy and Pride
Pride and Joy have just turned 11 and are still fit and happy and occasionally have fits of delicious, as in the photos below!
Both are well, if a little slower and grayer!  Arenít we all?!  Hope you are both well-- Best, Leslie

June 2017 at 12 Years Young!
Look at my solemn puppy!  Heís SO dear.  Always looks like Eeyore.  These were taken just this weekend.  White paws!  Still loves a swim.  Thanks for the birthday card!  Leslie

The Pet Pups

Blue Girl

Folklaur Ghost Story

Red Girl

Folklaur Shadow Athena

White Girl

Folklaur Rowling
June 13, 2005 ~ July 8, 2016
2013 at 8 years

June 20, 2016

The Emery Family wrote: "
Thanks for your [Birthday] card. Unfortunately, our sweet Daisy has passed away.
The pain is still raw, but we were blessed to have her in our family."
She passed away 7/8/16 from complications of Lyme disease where her kidneys shut down, here is a recent picture of her.
Best regards, Carmen and Joel

Green Boy

Folklaur Mark Twain

Pink Boy

Folklaur Melville's Moby Dick

Yellow Boy

Folklaur Endless Summer
" Dewey "

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