Logan x Story Pups
Born December 27th, 2012

Grand Am.Can.Ch. Brookberry's Perfect Impression RN
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Heart ECHO Normal
Eyes CERF 2013, Optigen PRA-prcd Normal/Clear
EIC Normal/Clear

Am.Can.Ch. Folklaur Storybook Ending
 OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Heart ECHO Normal
  Eyes CERF 2013, Optigen PRA-prcd Normal/Carrier,
Optigen RD/OSD Normal/Clear; EIC Normal/Clear

8 Weeks

The Show Puppy

Green Girl
Folklaur Storybook Moment


May 16, 2013
May 2014 - 16 Months

The Pet Puppies

Red Boy
Folklaur Goodnight Moon



     April 2013                                                        August 2013
October 2013 - Where is Monza??                           Dec. 2013 Snuggled by the Fire
Dec. 2013
So satisfied. Christmas Love wore him out.                                                    April 2014             
See Monza's Video images/Monza2014MayIMG_1351.MOV

June 2014 - Kayla getting mugged                                     August 2014 - All tired out                       
October 2014

September 2015

Feb 2017

Yellow Boy
Folklaur Romeo

Click Picture to Enlarge                                    2014 Christmas            

Pink Boy
Folklaur Buddy's Forever Home

1st Day

2 Weeks

Mother's Day - May 12, 2013

December 2013

Christmas                                                     December 2014                                                      2nd Birthday
Christmas 2015

Christmas 2016

Orange Boy

Folklaur Wizard George Weasley

                Meeting Uncle Fred                                                     Day 3 Best Buds
March 2013
"Ginger", "George" and "Fred" 2013                         "George"             

May 6, 2015 - Video of Fred and George being "boys"

White Boy
Folklaur Tales of Asgard

Thor with new friend "Sadie"  Feb. 2013

                                                Nov. 2013                                                                      Dec. 2013
                                                            Jan. 2014                                                                2016 Christmas

The Litter
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