December 2015
Thanks to the pet families for sharing their pictures with us

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Santa Paws is Coming!

Folklaur Zest For Life!  and  Folklaur An Apple A Day JH WC NA NAJ NF SHR CGC TDI
"Lemon", "Theory" the Border Collie, and "Apple"

HR SR Folklaur Love Over Gold JH WC RN CGC                                      Folklaur Deep Dark Desire             
  "Guthrie"                                                                                                 "Gus"

Folklaur Man In The Moon                                       Folklaur Auld Lang Syne
"Murray"                                                                            "Lang"

      Folklaur Loving In Truth                                                          Folklaur The Diesel
       "Stella"                                                                                        "Diesel"

      Folklaur Greatest Story Ever Told                                         Folklaur Perfect Lies
                 "Hurley"                                                                              " Hogan"

Another Littermate is Phineas

Folklaur Noble Knox and Folklaur Figment Of Desire
"Knox" and "Phineas"

All Of These Are Story's Kids
but from her 3 different litters

Folklaur Baxters Legacy of a Lifetime                              Folklaur Amos: Story Of A Prophet          
"Baxter"                                                                                 "Amos"

Folklaur Buddy's Forever Home                                                Folklaur Goodnight Moon
"Buddy"                                                                                 "Monza"

Folklaur Magic Elixir  and  Folklaur Queen Anne's Revenge
"Ellie"                          "Annie"


Folklaur The Heart's Desire                                      Folklaur Storm of Desire
 "Kona"                                                                       "Storm"
Another Desi Pup

Folklaur Nautical Desire

Ch. Folklaur Aesop's Fables

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