I have had the honor and the privilege of judging some of the most beautiful and correct representatives of this breed.
However, I must say that dog show photos almost always do a big disservice to the dogs!

2000 Huron River LRC Specialty
        (Future MBISS Ch.) Boradors By George - "Gordy"      (Future MBISS Ch.) Inselheim No Kid'n at Tremont - "Rosie"
Ch. Lenches Gallivant x Ch. Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream)                         (BISS CH Inselheim Just Kidd'n, WCInselheim Countryside Fair)
WD / BW Major from the 12-18 month class                                                WB / JAM                   

        2000 LRC Southern California SE at LMKC
       Ch. Campbellcroft's Banks JH                             (Future Ch.) Cornerstone Campbellcroft Lee
(CH Kupros Marshall x CH Breton Gate Cairngorn CD JH)                     (CH Rainell's The Beat Goes On x CH Campbellcroft Watermark Paige CD JH)
Best of Breed                                                                                      WD / BW

Pembroke Sweet Sofistication - "Sofie"               CH. Teracroft's Devil His Due - "Ben"
(Ch.Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall x
Ch. Lobuff's Onyx Alexandra)                    Ch. Dickendall A-Hoy x Ch. Jayncourt's Dolly Bird)            
WB / BOS                                                            Best Of Breed
2000 Delaware Water Gap                                  Spartanburg KC             

2001 LRC of the Potomac Bare Bones Specialty

MBISS Ch. Boradors By George - "Gordy"                  
NEW Ch. Dovetail Longwood Snapdragon
Ch. Lenches Gallivant x Ch. Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream)              (Ch. Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley x Guideline's De Luxe)
      Best In Specialty Show                                                  WD / BW and Finished Him

2003 LRC Potomac SE at MSDA
     (Future BISS Ch.) Shadowglen Augustus - "Gus"              (Future Ch.) Hennings Mill Cool Mkt Rally      
              (Ch. Boradors By George x Ch. Shadowglen Dunraven)                                   (
Hennings Mill Cold Cash x Guideline's Letter Gothic)
WD / BW for a Major from the Bred By Class                                           WB for a Major           

2003 So. Florida LRC Specialty

BISS Ch. Remedy's Ebony Quest
Ch Borowicks Quest x Boradors Twisted Sister)
Best of Breed

2003 LRC of the Pawcatuck Specialty
Ch. Camelot Snowdnhill Jellyroll JH -
Best of Breed

(Future Am.Can.Ch.) Saltmeadow Dickens At Cedarbay WC           NEW
Ch. Hennings Mill Cool Mkt Rally                    
Ch. Guideline's Master Card x Saltmeadow Sister Sledge)                           (Hennings Mill Cold Cash x Guideline's Letter Gothic)  
              WD/BOS for a Major                           WB/BW for a Major and Finished Her

2004 Northern Ohio LRC Specialty

MBISS BIS Am.Can.Ch. Winterwinds Glenn Plaid - "Glenn"
(Winterwind's Tartan Plaid x Am.Can.Ch. Winterwinds Gaelic Twist)
Best of Breed
(Future BISS) NEW Ch. Willcare's Prestige - "Jonathan"           NEW Ch. Willcare's Godiva JH - "Diva"              
(Ch. Surrey's Brick in The Wall x Otterbound Sheer Elegance)                    (Ch. Borador Willcare Master Copy x Ch. Willcare Fortune of the Nite)
WD for a Major and Finished Him                                    WB / BW for a Major and Finished Her

Sao Paulo - Brazil

Preton Zolli
(Multi Ch.
Beechcrofts Perfect Charmer x Br.Gr.Ch.Beechcrofts Perfect Charm)
Best Of Breed

2006 LRC Pioneer Valley Specialty

(Future BIS BISS Am.Can.Ch.) Casbar's Hart to Hart - "RJ"
(Am.Can.Ch. Casbar's Mister Debonaire CGC RN x Princess Annabelle Ravine)
 WD / BW / Best Puppy from the 6-9 month class for a Major

2006 Sierra Vista LRC Specialty

BISS Gr.Ch. JanLon's Light My Fire - "Striker"
Am Ch Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley x JanLon's Til Morning Comes)
Best In Specialty Show

2006 Greater Atlanta LRC SE at GKC

(Future Ch.) Sheabourne's Precious Angel
Ch. Hightide Bonaventure's Cap'n Jack x Tabatha's Angel)
 WB / BW / Best Of Opposite from the Bred By Class

2006 Sand & Sea KC

Ch. Hedgelawn Sharp Dressed Man WC - "Manny"
(CH. Surry's Brick In The Wall x Drifter Maidapromise At Hedgelawn)
Best of Breed

(Future Ch.) Hedgelawn Pembroke Doc Higgins - "Doc"      (Future Ch.) Woodhull's Forever In Blue Jeans - "Blue"
(Ch. Pembroke Just Do It x Hedgelawn Never Been Better)                                     (Ch. Beachbrooks Night Hawk x Beechcroft Woodhull Hallelujah)
WD / BW                                                                                      WB

             2006 LRC Potomac SE at CKC of MD

(Future BISS GR.Ch.) NEW Ch. Kimleigh’s Once In A Blue Moon - "Luna"
(Ch. Boradors By George x Windfall's Star Wars at Kimleigh)
 WB / BW for a Major from the Bred By Class and Finished Her

2007 Trenton KC

BISS Ch. HySpire Slim Shady JH WCX
(INT Ch. Raintree's Slippery When Wet JH x Hyspire's Major Attraction CD)
 Best of Breed
(Future GR.Ch.) Brookberry's Perfect Impression - "Logan"            (Future Ch.) HiView Seduction - "Sadie"            
(Ch. Sureshot Hyspire Impressive x Rockycreek's Perfect Thyming)         (Am.Can.Ch. Beechcroft's Study In Black x Ch. Beechcroft Bejeweled At HiView WC)
    WD for a Major                                                                   WB / BW for a Major

2007 Greater Pittsburg LRC Specialty

BISS Ch. Shadowglen Augustus - "Gus"
(Ch. Boradors By George x Ch. Shadowglen Dunraven)
Best In Specialty
(Future Ch.)
Tremont She Wears The Pants - "Khaki"    (Future Ch.) Liberty Creek Behr Two Dare All - "Behr"
Ch. Sunspot's Nothing But Net x Tremonts Kid Sister)                                           (Liberty's Broad Reach x Liberty Creek Breea)
WB / BW                                                                                        WD


2008 LRC Greater Denver Specialty
MBISS Am.Can.Ch. Beechcroft Study's Top Secret - "James"       Ch. Kai Den's Change of Pace - "Piper"     
Ch. Beechcroft's Study in Black x  Beechcroft's Moon Beam)                            (Belgairn Storm Surge at Kai Den x Kai Den's Stir Of Echos)
  Best In Specialty                                                                              Best Of Opposite Sex
New Ch. Snowberry's Who's Your Daddy - "Toby"
Ch. Julsby Hey Good Lookin' x Alibi's Fleur Delacour)

2008 New England Sporting Dog Assoc

Ch. Lobuff HySpire Lasting Impression - "Preston"
(Gr.Ch. Sureshot Hyspire Impressive x Ch Lobuffs Sandpiper At Hollyridge)
Best of Breed

(Future Ch.) Hedgelawn's Doc Holiday - "Henry"           Nycoma Way Sweet Pea JH CD - "Idgie"         
       (Ch. Hedgelawn Pembroke Doc Higgins x Ch. Beechcroft Gingersnap At Hedgelawn)               (Ch. Raintree Slippery When Wet JH CGC x Am.Can.Ch. Pembroke's Sweet Alyssum JH WC CD)
WD                                                                                      WB / BW

2010 Rose City LRC Specialty

Nipntuck I'm A Believer - "Eva"
(BISS Ch. Nipntuck Stocking Stuffer x Nipntuck Congeniality)
WB / BW from Bred By for a Major


           2010 Pioneer Valley LRC Supported Entry at CC KC

MBISS GR.Ch. Danbridge Henry J - "Hank"
Ch. Danbridge Indiana Jones - Ch. Danbridge Empress Josephine)
     Best of Breed

                         Harry-Picture taken at one year
            Seal Cove's Best Bet - "Bessie"            (Future Am.Can.Ch.) Beechcroft's Perfect Blend - "Harry"
 (Ch. Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive - Seal Cove's Soliloquy)     (Ch. Boradors By George x Can. Am. Ch. Hiview Beechcroft's Star Jasmine)
WB / BW for a Major                                                      WD for a Major       

          2012 Mid-Jersey LRC Supported Entry at DWG KC
      (Future Ch.)
Preton Olga - "Olga"                       Ancroft's Gentlemen Factor - "Simon"
       (Ch. Preton Garbo - Balanita Do Tabuleiro Das Lavras)              (Ancroft's Back To The Future - Ancrofts Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
 WB / BW / BEST OF BREED 4 Pt. Major                     WD from Bred By for a 4 Pt. Major

BOS - (NEW GR CH) CH Buttonwood Briar
Sel Dog -
GCH CH Casbar's A Hart Act To Follow
Sel Bitch -
GCH CH Viking Hil'Die Tanzbarin RA MH

2014 Badger LRC Specialty
NEW Ch. Sunchase Ania’s Rigamarole WC - "Riggs"           Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming TD WC JH - "Carly"
(BISS GCH Sureshot Hyspire Impressive WC - Ch. JKC Ch.Sunchase JP's Innocent WC JH)   (BISS CH Ghostone Boomtown, JH x Dutch Hollow's Charismatic MH CD)
WD / BW for a Major and Finished his CH.                               WB / BOS for a Major                 

BOB - BISS G.Ch. Epoch's Moccasin Joe
Sel Dog - BISS Am.Can.Ch. Paradocs Obsidian




1994 LRC of Central Connecticut Specialty

     (Future MBISS Ch.) Blackdux Knight Moves - "Kain"
(Ch. Chelons Mac the Knight x Ch. Blackdux French Vanilla)
Best In Sweepstakes

1998 April LRC of the Potomac Specialty

Lobuff’s Lillo of Timberlands - "Lillo"
(BISS Ch. Lobuff’s Bare Necessities CD JH x Lobuff’s Aja at Riverside)
 Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes

The Infamous Sweeps Judging at Potomac 1998